Winter Blues

There’s snow on the ground, and I’m in loafers. Ladies and gentlemen, you’re looking at the photos of a rebel.


If you read my last post, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the focus of this look is the scarf. I saw this beauty tucked away inside a coat at Zara and our relationship has been blossoming since. The thing about thick scarves like this is that they give so much character to an otherwise simple outfit. Don’t get me wrong- I love this sweater. With it’s neat collar detail and cutouts along either side, it’s a pretty exciting take on something often thought of as being solely used for warmth. That aside, the deftness with which this scarf drapes over my shoulder and folds so effortlessly is truly in a class of its own….or maybe I’m just oddly obsessed with scarves.


The coat I went for this time was actually my first ever “winter” jacket. Being a newbie to this whole ‘minus temperatures’ thing, I had no idea that that this wasn’t actually a winter coat. Nevertheless, it keeps me warm on those gentler days and I mean, we have history. You’ll always have a soft spot for your first, right?

So on to the loafers: In my defence, it wasn’t as cold out as it looks. More importantly, I’m not very concerned with the social norms of fashion. Now please don’t interpret that to mean that I think convention is pointless, or that I’m opposed to anyone who follows it. The simple fact is that social norms are not meant to be taken as finite rules of life, and that applies to pretty much everything. I woke up frustrated that the weather tried telling me what to wear, so I just decided to say no. Fun fact: If you’re not standing still or walking through a foot of snow, your feet are amply protected in loafers. The lesson to take from this is that there isn’t any one way to dress well, and going with what makes you feel good is the right choice 100% of the time.


A quick note on chinos- They’re awesome. I often hear guys talk about how hard it is to look good without looking like they’re trying too hard. Well my friends, a chino is the way to go. They’re casual enough to not make you look overdone for class, and dressy enough to pair with a nice shirt for dinner. Chinos are quite possibly the loafers of the trouser world- appropriate for many occasions. If you don’t own a pair, I hope you’re walking away from the laptop right now and heading to the mall (but finish reading first of course).


Sweater: H&M

Scarf: Zara

Jacket: Zara

Trousers: FSBN

So that’s another day in the life of a guy just trying his best to wake up before lunch time, attend 75% of his lectures and look fairly decent while doing it. If you’re new to my blog, welcome aboard! If you’ve been with me for the ENTIRE week that this has been up, you’re a trooper and I appreciate it. Much love and have an amazing weekend!



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