Camouflage for Standing Out

Fun fact of the week: My school had a snow day!


For those of you unfamiliar with the operations of UofT, or unfamiliar with snow for that matter, snow days occur when the volume of snow produced by mother nature surpasses the coping capacity of Canada, and everything shuts down. In light of how rarely snow days are gifted to us, I’m sending a huge shout out to mother nature- if you’re reading this, please know how greatly we appreciate you!

Now on to the outfit:


Camouflage prints are tricky. The first time I wore these camo printed jeans to class, I was surprised at how many people didn’t know that a well put together look could be built around a camouflage print. After realizing that the last time I had worn anything camo was probably when I was competently impersonating a soldier at age 7, I understood the misconception. The thing with a print like this is that it’s in our human nature to associate it with someone in the army, and often times limit it to such a position. What we should all accept though, is that when you have a print comprised of rich neutrals and earth tones in the most haphazardly harmonious manner, it would be a damn shame to leave it to the soldiers.

Another wonderful thing about this print is that it never goes out of style. Camo isn’t as much of a trend as it is a timeless staple of fashion (Michael Kors used it for his 2013 Fall line and I’m pretty sure the print dates back further than that).

For this particular look, I chose to play off the traditional dark tones by pairing the jeans with all black. It’s very difficult to fail with the most neutral of neutrals, so keeping it clean and crisp with a uniform black tone is always a safe bet. Even though I took this route, by no means is it your only option when it comes to camo. You can sub in pretty much any other neutral for one or all of the black pieces and still have a stand out look. If any of you are daredevils, I’d even encourage you to enhance your camo prints with some colour. I once wore these very same jeans with a burgundy v-neck and matching burgundy blazer for a night out, which made for a fun, sleek and classy look.


I kept the trend going with these simple black boots, but could have easily switched it up with: combat boots for the ruggedly dapper feel, white Chuck Taylors for those hipster days, or casual loafers for an interesting yet sophisticated contrast.

This grey pea coat is one of my proudest purchases to date. After snooping through a department store for hours, (side note: I strongly dislike department stores) I found this beauty hidden on the sale rack after being reduced by 60%. Lesson of the day: patience pays. For all my male readers out there, a good pea coat is a wardrobe essential. It’s the easiest way to up the formal factor of any look while keeping your body warm and your confidence high.


Throwing this ribbed bomber cardigan over top adds that extra structured element to the outfit and the detailing offers an added point of interest so the print isn’t all that stands out in your look. I opted for this brown leather portfolio since I didn’t have a lot to carry around that day, and I wanted to pull more than just the black from the print. I’m not big on jewelry, but the ability of a gold watch to elegantly seal the deal on a simple outfit should never be discounted.


Jeans: Bluenotes

Henley: H&M

Cardigan: ASOS

Portfolio: Zara

Boots: Call It Spring

Coat: Winners (surprise surprise)

Watch: Michael Kors

I hope that somewhere within this post, you’ve found the courage to push the limits of your blue denim comfort zone and make way for the world of prints. The camo is just the beginning, so stay tuned! Thanks for reading, and have a great week.



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