Mildly Monochromatic

Hey folks! I know, it’s been a while.DSC_0473

What excuse could I possibly have for my blogging hiatus? Well, I have a few but quite frankly I don’t think any are good enough. When something is important to you, you find the time for it and that’s what I should have done. So, if you were riddled with fear that I would frequent these gaps between posts because your life feels incomplete without hearing from me regularly- worry not, I’m back!


Recently I’ve become a fan of monochromatic looks. Something about wearing a representation of the variety that exists within a single colour is both challenging and exciting to me. That said, I wouldn’t be true to my personal style without a pop of color somewhere in there.

While it may look quite cold out in these pictures (and in no way am I arguing that it wasn’t), some winter days are warmer than others. Fun fact: I’ve noticed that the trend in Canada is to wear shorts when it gets to 0 degrees during winter, but sweaters and scarves at 10 degrees in July. Something about the relativity of a significantly warmer day plucked from a series of ice age experiences just gives you the confidence to venture out in an outfit like this, and trust me, it really wasn’t that bad!


I took a basic grey henley, and threw a double breasted cardigan over top. Double breasted coats, blazers and cardigans are making their way back to the top of the classy menswear essentials list. The old-fashioned fold of the lapels and accents of the buttons really add a factor of sophistication to this otherwise simple look. With a cardigan/ blazer like this, virtually any outfit becomes appropriate for both work and play.

I brought the grey chinos back for this look, keeping the consistency of the grey scaled ensemble. This particular scarf fits perfectly with grey on one side and a brilliant, borderline mustard yellow on the other. I know far too many people that cower in the face of intense colour, so if you’re reading this I invite you to relinquish those fears. Colourful accents, when appropriately used, have the potential to make an outfit stand out by complimenting your neutrals with the most intriguing subtlety. Embrace them!

I went with brown loafers and a brown leather belt to play off of the yellow, and tied it all together with the black and brown leather gloves and gold watch, giving ample respect and attention to the details of this look. The beautiful thing about each component is its versatility. There are many different ways to incorporate them all into various looks for various occasions, so mix, match and play with your neutrals till you find the combinations that are comfortable for you.



Henley: H&M

Cardigan: H&M

Scarf: Coach

Gloves: Zara

Chinos: FSBN

Watch: Michael Kors

Loafers: Aldo

I’m sorry again for the huge gap between this post and my last. If you haven’t abandoned me yet, your continued support has not gone unnoticed. The mere fact that many of you have been asking when a new post would be up is a reminder to me that my little old hobby goes beyond personal satisfaction, and that is truly an amazing feeling I have some really exciting projects in their developing stages and I can’t wait to share them all with you. Thanks for reading xx



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