So many of my friends have told me that they really only follow my blog to scroll through the pictures. I apologize for the lack of visuals in this post, but it’s a pretty big one so I hope the words are enough for now.

My 2014-2015 school year is nearing its end and I’m pretty confident in saying that these 8 months have been the greatest I’ve ever had. I’ll leave all the sappy deep reflection for another post, but this one is just to let you all know that the year ahead will be absolutely nothing like the one about to go by. I suppose my blog came around at the perfect time. Getting ready to wrap up a chapter and dive into a totally new one left me in a really exciting, transitionary place with a lot of enthusiasm to keep track of it all, and take people along the journey with me.

My adventures begin on July 31st in Siena, Italy! I’ll be there for 5 weeks with a contingent of fellow University of Toronto students, learning a little about the history of financial organizations, and a lot about the rich culture and monumental past of one of the world’s most explored and adored destinations. I got the news of my acceptance about a week ago (I read that exactly how you did lol), and as you can imagine, I was pretty hyped! It’s safe to say that the excitement hasn’t faded a bit, and has even been egged on by even more exciting news:

If everything goes as planned, I will be spending the first 6 months of 2016 in Australia! I applied for an exchange program through my school to The University of Melbourne, and received my official nomination 2 days after the news of Italy! At that point, I literally lost it. I wasn’t supposed to hear about it for another 3 days and so it hadn’t even been on my immediate radar. Sure, I was thinking about it a little but barely enough to say that I was prepared for these 2 bits back to back.

5 weeks is a lot less intimidating than 6 months so I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. There’s so much to consider, and I’d be giving up a lot of amazing opportunities by running away from UofT for an entire semester. That said, I’ve always supported my dreams with commitment and conviction. Going on exchange wasn’t a passing thought that somehow came to fruition, but a reoccurring goal that came into play before I even got to university. Saying that I’ve always wanted to see the world might sound cliche, but for anyone who has actually always wanted to see the world- you know what I’m saying!

Beyond just that, as eternally grateful as I am for the unyielding support I’ve had from family and friends since I’ve been in Canada, the change didn’t challenge me enough. With no judgement intended, the thought of facing a new world entirely on my own isn’t as scary to me as it is to many. The mere thought is exhilarating and the anticipation of all that I’d have to adjust to sparks an indescribable excitement for all that I will learn and all the ways that I will grow.

Am I scared? Of course. Am I more excited than I am scared? Absolutely! I don’t expect this year to be particularly easy,  but it wouldn’t be a year fit for me if I did. I am unbelievably lucky to have people in my life that provide me with incredible opportunities like this and support me through them, even though they may worry (hi mom <3). The hand that I have been dealt really is an exciting one, and I will never forget to appreciate that.

So, pack your bags and buckle up because we’re about to embark on some life-changing journeys together.




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