Musts of the Month: MAY Edition


So I know we’re already a third of the way through June but I think we all can agree that timeliness isn’t really my thing.

Nevertheless, I decided to follow the trend of popular fashion bloggers and do a monthly series on the things I’ve been swearing by for that month. With my version, I won’t be focusing solely on wardrobe pieces, but rather my “Musts of the Month” will include pretty much any items, products or other worldly things that I love enough to share on my beloved blog with all of you. I’ve been reached out to on not-so-fashion related things (like grooming, wellness etc) by some of my wonderful gentlemanly readers, and their equally wonderful partners and loved ones, so I’m leaving this series open to pretty much anything. If there are any products you think I should check out, definitely let me know because I’m always open to your

suggestions. On that note, here we go!


1. The Messenger Tote

This was literally the first bag I purchased that wasn’t a typical laptop bag or backpack, and I’ve only recently begun to give it the appreciation it deserves. When folded over as a messenger, this bag fits my 15 inch laptop with change for stationery, a bottle of water and whatever other bits you might need. The real magic happens when you unfold though, as this beauty transforms into a full capacity tote, giving you more than twice as much room as you had before. Zip up the top and you and your belongings are ready for whatever the day might bring. I’ve been out and about more than regularly lately, and this guy has been coming in so clutch (for your sake, I hope you got that pun). Fun fact: I snagged this at Aldo for $50.00, and an identical bag is currently being sold at Coach for $350.00. You decide, bro. You decide.

2. ALDO Rescue Wipes 

In the interest of transparency, I’ll just let you all know from now that I’m a reckless individual who really should not have nice things. I took these brand new suede loafers to Trinidad with me this month and decided that I could wear them out on a rainy day (because clearly I make sound decisions). Needless to say, they were ruined and I thought the damage was irreparable. A fellow blogger suggested these wipes and they literally saved my life. The packaging says that they’re “all natural, all-weather wipes specially formulated to remove dirt and salt stains on leather or suede in seconds” and I’ll just say that they are telling you the truth!

3. Kiehl’s 24 hour Anti-Shine Moisturizer “for Men” 

I gotta admit that I’m not sure what makes a moisturizer appropriate for men specifically, but I gave in to the laws of consumerism anyway, and this one has been working really well for me. I have fairly oily and sensitive skin, so especially in warmer temperatures, I struggle with finding a moisturizer that minimizes shine while doing its job. So far this one has been giving me a perfect balance and my skin seems pretty pleased so if we have similar skin types, I’d definitely recommend this one. Side note: the woman at Kiehl’s confessed to using it as well so ladies, we’re not judging you!

4. White Chuck Taylors 

I spoke about these a lot in my last blog post but I will say that I call these my ‘adventure shoes’. For one, they go with everything, and they’re so comfortable and effortless that they keep my feet and overall look in check for the longest of days. The month of May has certainly had its fill of these bad boys.

5. Ray-ban Aviator Sunglasses 

For my fellow four-eyed folk (relax), you know the struggle of wearing sunglasses. For as long as I’ve worn glasses, I’ve either boycotted sunnies or worn them with contact lenses, which isn’t entirely bad but not all that comfortable either. The aviator style is timeless and will never not be okay to wear, and if you hate contacts as much as I do, investing in a good pair of tested sunglasses is a step towards a more enjoyable summer. I’ve been wearing these daily because they’re new but I’ll still be bringing out the good old untested pairs now and then because I’m a daredevil obviously.

Hope you all enjoyed my first post of this series, and feel free to leave some feedback with your thoughts. Stay focused, take risks and have a stylish week, gents.


Chadd x

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