Summer Layering: Tips and Examples

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Hey folks,

I hope your Summer has been stylishly adventurous thus far (unless you’re from the Caribbean and Summer is basically your entire life). Here in Canada, we’re “blessed” with temperatures more on the cold side for the unfortunate majority of the year. While that may not be ideal for outdoorsy people, it certainly gives the fashion conscious a lot to play with in terms of layering. Having been culturally influenced by Canada over these past 2 years, I’ve become so obsessed with layering that I refuse to let go of it, even in the summer time. Fun fact: you don’t have to!

For what has so far been the most wonderful Summer of my life, I’ve consistently given three layers priority when putting together my casual daily outfits. Keep in mind that layering for summer nights can be quite different, and the purpose of this post is to highlight 3 staples that make layering easy and comfortable during the day/evening.

1. The Vest


Picture the above outfit without the black sleeveless cardigan/vest above (as I type this I’m realizing how helpful a visual would have been but I’m putting your imaginations to work so thank me later). A simple neutral piece like this vest adds texture the look with an added colour contrast to really make the statement shorts pop. This piece works just as well with all neutrals, a short sleeved button down shirt or even a tank top as it really just serves the purpose of adding a little more interesting-ness to a look. With the absence of sleeves, this vest is perfect for even the warmer days and is a must-have of mine for the season.


2. The Long-Sleeved Button Down 


A checkered/plaid red shirt. If you don’t have one in your closet, I really just have nothing to say to you. Ask me what one of the quickest and most effortless casual looks consists of and I promise that this shirt will make the cut. In this photo I’m wearing it over a plain black tank with these awesome distressed denim shorts (DIY btw). Some summer days are a bit chillier than others, and a light button down keeps you warm enough without the dramatic effect of a parka. I chose this red checkered one, but really any one will do. Popular picks for this time of year are denim, chambray and linen but work your favourite shirts in however you want. When it gets too hot, wrap it around your waist for a borderline hipster but ultimately awesome overall feel.


3. The Longline Cardigan


This year the longline trend has really taken menswear by storm. Admittedly, I was hesitant to hop on board because I wasn’t sure the lengths of these pieces coordinated well with the rest of my style pallet but what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t give the trends a chance. As you might have guessed, this one won me over.

During the day, I try to avoid overwhelming amounts of dark colours in the summer time. For one, they draw in the heat more, and they also just don’t quite match the spirit of summer for me personally. That said, with these bigger pieces I gravitate towards the lighter tones, hence the grey. Following the trend of effortlessness, pairing this with a white crew neck tee and light washed denim jeans is as simple as it gets. I’d wear an outfit like this for a colder summer day, casual patio dinner or to the movies. The fabric is extremely light and breathable, and this style of cardigan works nicely with anything from a crew neck to a button down. I would avoid pairing with shorts just because of the length, but it definitely is still a wardrobe essential for my fellow layering fans out there.


I hope that combing through this post, you picked up on the fact that being fashionable does not require busy, extravagant or eye-catching pieces all the time. More often than not, you won’t need to get all dappered up for your plans of the day, but still want to fall into the realm of fashionable men, even when keeping it casual. The simple idea of layering gets you much closer to that, and definitely is not something limited to colder temperatures. If you’re not into it, no problem. If you are, no problem! Fashion is primarily personal expression, and my goal is to help you realize just how important it is to do you. Always.


Chadd xx

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