OOTD: Nothing Bummy Bout a “Bum Day”

Hey folks,

So when you’re juggling work and school in the heat of midterm season, you are absolutely, without a doubt, 100% allowed to bum it out.

Now a word of caution- don’t abuse that. I’m ultra aware that dressing up isn’t for everyone so if you read these posts just to support me, I love you and fully endorse your Birks and white socks way of life. However, if dressing up on the regular is something you’re into, don’t allow your stress to suppress the creative desire to express the fashion fanatic within (Mixtape coming soon).


This might just be a ‘Chadd thing’, but I don’t ever really bum it out, or not by the traditional definition anyway. To me, bum days are all about being comfortable in a look that isn’t too fussy or eye catching. Disclaimer: In the photos you are about to see, I was running on no more than 2.5 hours of sleep, freshly out of a midterm and fantasizing about my nap in the near future. BUT, I decided I’d be a good blogger and show you guys what dressing effortlessly on those stressful days look like for me, and more importantly, to show that they really aren’t all that bad!


The most important rule for my take on a bum day is to keep it loose and breathable on top. There’s just simply nothing comfortable about feeling restricted by tight clothing. Throw crankiness and exhaustion into the mix and I’m sure you get the point. This black and navy windbreaker was the perfect option to keep me warm and give me the appropriate amount of breathing room to constitute as ‘comfy’.


Underneath I kept it super simple and a little bit sporty with this navy mesh tee, all on top a stretchy pair of black knee-ripped jeans. Kept the sporty look going with a black duffle bag that actually doubles as my gym bag….there’s an idea! Wanna get away with a bum day around campus? Dress like you’re heading to the gym!


Of course none of this would make any sense if I didn’t throw on my Nike Free Runs to make the ‘fitfam’ inspired look more believable.

So there you have it, folks. Again, this is just my version of a comfortable and chill look when I’m not in the mood to give it too much thought. At the end of the day, we all deserve to feel good in whatever we decide to wear. This does it for me, and if baggy grey sweats and a hoodie do it for you then by all means necessary, go for it. There are no real rules to fashion. It’s all about expressing what feels right to you.


Jeans and mesh t-shirt- H&M

Windbreaker- Random shop in Madrid

Bag- Call It Spring (only $25.00!)

Shoes- Nike

Good luck to my fellow students out there grinding to salvage those GPA’s! Your struggle is shared, and I like to say that if I’m going down, at least I’ll go down looking good.


Chadd xx

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