Fall Essential: The Camel Coat

If you’re doing Fall without a camel/ beige coat, you’re probably doing it wrong.

Kidding! But this guy popped up on my social media recently and the questions of “where?” and “how much?” came flooding in. With this piece being one of my absolute staples for the season, this post needed to happen.

If you’re a guy of a smaller build and currently on the hunt for a new coat, I 100% feel your struggle. Let’s get one thing straight though: If the smallest size in the store is still too big for you, that’s not a ‘you’ problem, but a failure to embrace size diversity on the part of the store. That said, we sometimes have to bite the bullet and bend it into something that works.


I originally ordered¬†a coat for more than double the price of this one, but with overly long sleeves and enough room to fit my 12-year old self in there with me, I couldn’t justify that price and so the hunt continued.

So where did I get this coat? H&M! VERY reasonably priced at $129.00, I saw a great opportunity to snag an awesome coat and pay a little extra to get the right fit. For $50.00 I got the sleeves shortened and tapered, and the body taken in for a total of $179.00 (plus tax cuz this is Canada obvi), which in my opinion is a damn good steal.


Now, let me just acknowledge the validity of your apprehensions in going to H&M with the expectation of high quality. I was just as surprised as you are, but as a friend of mine once said about mainstream retailers, “every now and then they have pieces that are GOLD”, and this was definitely one.

So 2 lessons: (1) Tailoring is so worth it, and (2) Give mainstream retailers a fair shot.

Details: Literally head to ankle H&M excluding the scarf which I stole from Dad’s closet (Hey Dad!)


Thanks for reading and have an awesome weekend, folks!


Chadd xx

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