Bye 2015-icia

If you don’t get the title, I think you might need a little more time in 2015. I for one, absolutely do not.

This is attempt no.35836816 at writing this post. Why? Because there are 35836816 different angles that I could come at this from, and when I say I have written and deleted this many many times, with great frustration I must confirm that it is the truth. Ease meh, 2015 was intense.

There were huge parts of last year that will forever remain monuments in memory, and that have highlighted all things good in my life that have led me to this place of positivity. That said, 2015 also brought with it the most awful pain, the largest hurdles and moments of overwhelming disappointment. I suppose as most people would describe past relationships, it was a beautiful disaster that I will both grudgingly and affectionately always remember as my “burn to learn” year.

I wrestled with what I should talk about, and as I hope you realized by now, I try to make my posts as relatable as possible. We have not been through the same challenges or enjoyed the same experiences, but we can all relate to the same types of people. To round it all up, let’s do some shout outs to the different kinds of people that pieced together my 2015.

  1. To the ill-wishers, both open and discreet: If you dedicated as much energy to working on yourself as you do to bringing down others, maybe you’d enjoy a fraction of the fulfillment I have thus far, in my still very young life. Let this be a cold splash of water on that scowling face of disapproval to emancipate you from your blinded stupor. Make something of yourself. Be better.
  2. To the ones that hurt me: I hate to disappoint you, but I am okay. I’m sorry for whatever happened to you that made you that person and I wish you an enlightening recovery.
  3. To the welcomed newcomers: Everyone has a story to tell, and I’m privileged that you are sharing yours with me. The world is really filled with inspiring, brave and genuinely good people, and crossing paths with them by chance encounter or good favour has to be one of the greatest gifts in life. For those, I am extremely grateful.
  4. The those who didn’t stay very long: Thank you for whatever you brought to my life, and I hope you took something positive with you. Despite the reasons our connection has been cut short, once upon a time you were important and I hope you continue to be that for many others. Whatever you do, stay far from the 1’s.
  5. To the loyal ones who have always been there: I shudder at the thought of where I’d be without you, and your places in my life are constant reassurance that the right support can push us over any obstacle. I am a lot to handle and maybe I should question your sanity for still being here, but to this very small group of family both blood and chosen, thanks for getting me through.
  6. To me: You fought for what you wanted, you were kind and forgiving to others, and you learned. You did well, and your best is still yet to come.
  7. T0 the one(s) that let me get away: Your loss.

There is nothing wrong with knowing that your future will be bright. Find that place of confidence in yourself, and when you do, decide who is there to cast shadows on your shine and who will walk beside you, even when times are tough, and shine just as brightly.

Someone for whom I have the world of love once told me to stop playing the victim. It was misinformed and with poor intentions, but reminded me that I am no victim and neither are you. You are in total control of what happens to you. For me, I’m going to be incredible, accomplish incredible things and treasure incredible people. My 2016 wish is that you decide the same for yourselves.

PS- This is a highly censored reflection of my 2015 encounters. Look out for my memoir to be released the moment I breathe my last breath. J.K Rowling’s sales records are cute, but just you wait 😉

With all the love, positivity and good vibes I can possibly express, Happy New Year to all of you, and may it be everything that you need it to be.


Chadd xx


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