Tobago, my idea of Paradise

As you all know, I am a proud born and bred national of Trinidad and Tobago. Frequently I’m asked about the “and Tobago”. Are the islands separated, how far apart are they, why do we have to make things so complicated blah blah blah. Yes the islands are separated, Tobago is about 20 minutes by plane away from Trinidad (or 2-3 hours by boat), and for as long as I can remember it has always been my favourite place in the world.

While Trinidad has become quite developed for a Caribbean island, Tobago has willfully held on to its simplicity and untainted tropical beauty. For anyone looking for an island-esque escape, Tobago is quite hard to beat. From childhood to now, my family has always made a point of visiting Tobago every year, multiple times each year. It will forever remain my fondest association with a ‘happy place’, and to truly understand my deep rooted love for the ocean, you must understand all that is this geographical treasure.

From sipping a cold Carib on the sands of Pigeon Point to experiencing the magic of the coral reefs down in Speyside; from feasting on fresh-out-the-pot crab and dumpling at Store Bay to appreciating the calm and scenic retreat of a trip to Englishman’s Bay; and from an enchanting conversation with a local fisherman on the beach to dancing the night away with new-found friends at The Shade, there is absolutely nothing left to be desired on this sweet little island. If you have never had the privilege of visiting, my one wish in this lifetime for you is that you do.

Tobago, thank you for always being ‘home’.


Chadd xx

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