Summer Layering: Tips and Examples

The pictures are back!
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Hey folks,

I hope your Summer has been stylishly adventurous thus far (unless you’re from the Caribbean and Summer is basically your entire life). Here in Canada, we’re “blessed” with temperatures more on the cold side for the unfortunate majority of the year. While that may not be ideal for outdoorsy people, Continue reading

Mildly Monochromatic

Hey folks! I know, it’s been a while.DSC_0473

What excuse could I possibly have for my blogging hiatus? Well, I have a few but quite frankly I don’t think any are good enough. When something is important to you, you find the time for it and that’s what I should have done. So, if you were riddled with fear that I would frequent these gaps between posts because your life feels incomplete without hearing from me regularly- worry not, I’m back! Continue reading