Tideandthreaded, 8 Months Later

It’s been a while, huh?

Around 8 months ago, this blog emerged from a confusing place in my life that ultimately left me with a lot of energy that I was determined to interpret positively and channel creatively. I was always (and still am) very much into the ever-changing, captivating world of fashion, and so it was the obvious avenue to take.

Things were going as planned until the presence of a gap became all to overwhelming to be ignored. While I absolutely love writing about fashion, I also love writing about my experiences throughout life. I’m fortunate to have the ideological confidence to speak openly of my opinions, and the passion for exploration to faithfully document the opinions of others.

So since Tideandthreaded was born, the ups and downs of my life have, for the most part, been kept from you all under the misguided premise that when it came down to it, my blog was a fashion blog. For some strange reason it didn’t dawn on me till recently that this blog is entirely mine (yeah, I even bought the domain from WordPress so ha!), and I can do whatever I want with it. Writing has always been both a hobby and form of catharsis for me, and only representing my OOTD-side is simply an injustice to my thoughts. So as you can see, some landscaping combined with intellectual re-structuring has now given me a slightly edited approach Tideandthreaded.

The fashion posts will certainly not stop, and I might even say this renewed enchantment with my blog may result in yet more of them. Now, they will equally coexist with posts on my life, my thoughts on current ‘issues’ (umbrella term for basically whatever I want to talk about cuz I can), and my adventures! To make things easier, there are “Fashion” and “Lifestyle” tabs on the left of the page to take you to whichever peaks your interest.

Speaking of adventures, I recently got back from 5 amazing weeks in Italy and I can’t wait to tell you all about it in my next post! Stay tuned, and your patience and support while I figured all this out has not gone unnoticed.

Sidenote: I’m now the official face of Italian wine. IMG_8398


Chadd xx

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